Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SUPER REAL Graphic Novel recommended by AICN

The Super Real GN/TP was reviewed this AM by Aint It Cool News HERE

The reviewer had only positive things to say about the book, including,
"If there’s one thing that I know about SUPER REAL is that it’s a book that is about having fun with its premise and it’s a book where the creator’s enthusiasm for his own project just bleeds off of the page. Martin’s passion is infectious and it’s pretty much what makes SUPER REAL the enjoyable read that it is."
And going on to say,
"just know that SUPER REAL is well worth your time and money"
You can jump to their full review HERE

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SUPER REAL Graphic Novel featured on!

The Super Real GN is due in comic book shops starting this week (see below for full info), and buzz-worthy comic site has included the book on their new top 10 recommended titles for the week, in the inaugural shipping forecast column!

Super Real TPB by Jason Martin with just as smidgen of Josh Howard and Jim Mahfood, this mashup of reality TV and superheroics is raw, brash, terribly sexual and rather fun.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

SUPER REAL Graphic Novel out 3/10

The long wait is over, the Super Real graphic novel is out this week!!

SUPER REAL graphic novel:
254 high gloss, heavy gauge pages,
9x6" sleek and readable trim size,
all with an amazing $18.99 initial price point!

Jason Martin's self published series comes to it's dramatic conclusion within the book's 232 pages of story, collecting the previously published first five issues, and two new over-sized issues, all in one cover to cover genre bending, sensory offending, genetically enhanced reality TV tale!

Critically favored, and co-starring guest artists like Jim Mahfood, and Josh Howard, Super Real is the next big thing... to add to your bookshelf!!!

Pick it up starting Wednesday 3/10 in comic book shops via Diamond Order Code NOV090909
Now in the store or via

And view more info HERE, and previews HERE


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SR DISRTO: Zombie Tramp 2

The second issue of creator Dan Mendoza's (Super Real VS The Movie Industry special, Pulp Girls) wildly popular ZOMBIE TRAMP is now available via SR Distro!

Issue 2 of 3
24 PAGES (of story)
FULL (three) COLOR
Mature Readers

Find out what becomes of Janey now that she's zombified, and in the hands of... The Zombie Queen!?!?

Available now from SR DISTRO in the SRG store or directly at conventions (see schedule on right sidebar)

- Offering the best in creator pub'd comics!

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