Tuesday, July 10, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con INFO

SRGraphics will be exhibiting once again at this year's Comic-Con, so here's all the info you need to find us at the show!

We'll be in the small press pavilion, L-16:
We'll have new books, including the latest issue of ZOMBIE TRAMP (volume 2 issue 2)
24 pages of trademark zombie tramp... on a train! ...with evil college kids and lots of toxic candied horror (and a first ever wrap-around cover)! As well as a new limited version of the upcoming NIGHT OF THE 80'S UNDEAD issue 1 (this time the full first issue in "rough cut" form, with complete art and in process colors)
Another limited edition version of the first full issue of Not80sU, this time with a new movie poster styled cover and "advance screening" rough edit complete with in process 80's style colors...

We'll also have new stock of the sold out Zombie Tramp and Super Real graphic novels, new prints, and much more!!!

If you can't make it to the show, We'll be updating new items and stock in the SRG STORE upon our return! (which we'll update here once that's done)

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