Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zombie Tramp sketch plate offer with TFAW

The Things From Another World comic book shop chain and online retailer has a limited amount of copies of the upcoming SRG Presents: Zombie Tramp graphic novel that will include a hand drawn sketch plate from creator Dan Mendoza.

If you'd like to get a chance at these extremely limited versions of the book containing your own one of a kind original artwork from the book's author, you can pre-order your copy with the online retailer (or via actual shop locations in the Portland, Oregon area) now. Simply visit their website for full details on the offer HERE

But hurry, the offer expires after August 31st!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zombie Tramp 5 page preview

We've released a 5 page preview for Zombie Tramp, as can be seen on comic book news sites, like this one HERE

Or you can view the preview right here:

Have a look at the Zombie Tramp

This October Super Real Graphics Presents the brand new original graphic novel, Zombie Tramp, but you can get a look at the book’s undead pages right here and now!

Cal Arts animation graduate Dan Mendoza unleashes his trademark cute-but-dark Toxic Candie style, in this, his first full length comics work. SR Graphics Presents: Zombie Tramp collects his full three issue cult favorite series in one 112 page volume, complete with a making-of section featuring the sketches and designs that brought this fetish pinup grindhouse girl to undead comic book life, along with newly painted cover art by Lee Moyer (IDW's Starstruck)..

Janey Belle was Hollywood’s hottest high priced call girl, until her Madame set her up on a date with the undead. Now she walks the night… in search of revenge! It's sexy cool zombie time -- with zombie convicts, voodoo queens, and LAPD all hot on our Zombie Tramp’s trail!

You can order the latest in the line of SR Graphics Presents creator-owned original graphic novels, Zombie Tramp, right now via comic book shops and the August Diamond Previews catalog.


SR Graphics Presents: ZOMBIE TRAMP GN
By Dan Mendoza, (Lee Moyer – cover paints)
112 pages - Full Color - 9x6” Perfect Bound
Mature Readers


And you can take a look at the book right now as well, with this five page preview…
WARNING: This preview contains – sexy zombie outfits, strong language, and gory undead action! It is suggested for (im)mature readers.



Review pull quotes:

"I can't wait to see this in trade form some day soon."

"A must grab"

San Diego Comic-Con 2009 favorite
Kevin Eastman (TMNT)

Retailer testimonials:

" We were not prepared for how popular this title would be with our customers. We quickly sold out of issue #1, both in our three Oregon stores and online…

Zombie Tramp is an excellent example of a "cult favorite" independent book that also appeals to a wide audience--we definitely would recommend it to other retailers."

Things From Another World

"Our sample supply barely lasted a week, and it wasn't even on shelves during our busiest time on New Comic Day."
Westfield Comics

Be sure to order your copy of Zombie Tramp now!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Zombie Tramp on

Zombie Tramp creator, Dan Mendoza, was recently interviewed in support of the upcoming October graphic novel.

You can check that out HERE

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