Tuesday, December 18, 2012


As announced yesterday, Super Real Graphics will merge with Action Lab Entertainment to form a new mature readers line of books, ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE.
With SR Graphics essentially being a one man show, this allows us to take what we've been doing to a bigger stage, and because SR Graphics and Action Lab are both creator-owned comic book publishers, we've been working to secure all of our SR Graphics titles with the new company as well. We can confirm that our two currently in production titles, Zombie Tramp (volume two), and Night of the 80's Undead, will both be moving over to the new line... as well as the rest of the existing catalog.

Thanks for supporting us for all of these years, as we worked to build something unique in the comic book landscape, and please join us on this next part of our journey to bring you the best boundary-blasting genre-vexing comics on the market!!!

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Here's the full press release:
ACTION LAB merges with SR GRAPHICS to take comics to…THE DANGER ZONE!

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