Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SR Graphics Presents: Zombie Tramp

Super Real Graphics will be offering a brand new volume from the Super Real Graphics Presents series of original graphic novels with Zombie Tramp, by Dan Mendoza, releasing this October to comic book shops worldwide.

The book will be offered via Diamond Comic Distributors via their August Previews catalog, hitting stores Wednesday July 28th, and listed in the comics and graphic novels section, page 314 (just look for our half page zombie ad).

The book will contain the entire red hot indy series that has garnered scores of fans over the last year at conventions, under a newly painted cover by Lee Moyer (IDW's Starstruck), in a 112 page, 3 color, 9x6" volume for only $11.99!


In a kick ass tale that could only come from comics, it's gory but sexy/cute zombie action as Hollywood call girl Janey Belle seeks revenge after being left for undead by her madame. With zombie convicts, voodoo queens, and LAPD hot on her trail!

The book has been a proven seller and retailers are strongly encouraged to order appropriately. We'll be promoting the book further with a poster flyer in every retailer copy of the Previews catalog, and exhibits at both San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con!

You can view some retailer testimonials for the book HERE

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