Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zombie Tramp retailer testimonials

The upcoming Zombie Tramp graphic novel first came to undead life as individual issues, mostly sold at the larger conventions over the past year, and as we at Super Real Graphics already knew, the book attracts a crowd, but some retailers who offered the limited run books found out similar.

Here are a couple prominent retailers talking about the books, and how they did in their shops (or websites):

Elisabeth Forsythe - Things From Another World - Marketing Coordinator:
"At Things From Another World, we wanted to search for some new and unique independent comics for Indy Comic Book Week. In doing so, we discovered Super Real Graphics' humorous undead adventure tale, Zombie Tramp.

While we figured the combination of two popular elements--zombies and pretty girls--would make this a personal favorite among our staff (which it did), we were not prepared for how popular this title would be with our customers. We quickly sold out of issue #1, both in our three Oregon stores and online, and we had to make an emergency re-order to keep up with demand.

Issue #2 was also a strong seller for us, and we are looking forward to seeing Super Real Graphics' upcoming Zombie Tramp graphic novel.

Zombie Tramp is an excellent example of a "cult favorite" independent book that also appeals to a wide audience--we definitely would recommend it to other retailers."

Joshua Crawley - Westfield Comics - Madison Manager:
"Our sample supply barely lasted a week, and it wasn't even on shelves during our busiest time on New Comic Day."

If you're a retail shop owner, or manager, that would like additional promotional materials for Zombie Tramp, please contact -

View full details on the graphic novel HERE

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