Friday, October 8, 2010

SR DISRTO: Zombie Tramp 3

As we near the exciting release date for our latest SRG Presents graphic novella, Zombie Tramp, fans who've found the series in single issue format can now get ahold of the third and final issue via SR Distro.

Sure, the third issue is of course included in the graphic novel, but if you have the first two issues already, and don't want to double dip with the enhanced three issue collection in book format, you can pick it up via SR Distro in PDF digital download format for a limited time.

Issue 3 of 3
36 PAGES (of story)
FULL (three) COLOR
Mature Readers
PDF download

Available now from SR DISTRO in the SRG store

For those looking for a print version of the issue, creator Dan Mendoza will have those available via ComiXpress in a couple more weeks.

Otherwise, stay tuned for full release date information for SRG Presents: Zombie Tramp!

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